Alberta NDP Majority

May 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

Holy crap am I tired of hearing about this.

Alberta voted in a NDP majority and then the majority complained. What?! I am so annoyed with everyone complaining about our newfound communism. Like shut up and actually move to Saskatchewan. No one has died and some slow progression could be good for Alberta.

Rich people will live without their second Porsche. NDP MLA’s are fully going to be making more than $125 000 and they’re okay with helping out with social programs.

This is probably a prime example of why the first past the post voting (FPTP) system is not ideal. The optimal democracy should have equal representation for all citizens. Here is a great infographic about the Australian voting system. Something like this would be optimal in the province of Alberta and Canada. The NDP is wanting to change the FPTP system.

And what is up with people witch hunting a MLA? Its unfortunate that no one bothered to research her or bring to light these issues before the election. All job seekers should censor their online presence. It is unnecessary to have drunken photos on Facebook or a cuss word filled Twitter account and it could improve your chances of getting a job. But it doesn’t change the fact that she was voted in and deserves a chance to represent those Calgarians. There is going to be a bunch of newbies in politics anyways, she will probably do a good job. Young people have opinions too and are the future of this province.


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