Finding Your Favorite Wine or Spirit

December 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Finding a special, limited edition or rare spirit can be time consuming. No one has time to phone or visit every liquor store in the city. And are you sure it is even available in Alberta? Check out This website is run by the AGLC (Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission).

Here you can search for spirits, liqueurs and beer and confirm that they are available in the province. You can also type in a city or postal code to see which stores have ordered the said product. Many stores will not currently be carrying the product on their shelves and this can be particularly frustrating, so it is a good idea to phone the smaller selection of liquor stores that came up during the search. I have heard conflicting reports about how long the website displays the orders for the product as search results, somewhere between 3 months and a year.

Sometimes a product is available and you will have to contact the wine agent in order to get a hold of the product. You will see the message: “Product is available in the province of Alberta. Click on the Agent link above to find contact information for this product and what stores it can be found in. Thank you.” This means you would likely have to order a whole case of the product or there are special circumstances surrounding the product. Mission Hill Family Estate’s Oculus is not available to put on retail shelves so an interested party must contact the agent.

If you are looking for a beer that does not show up on Liquor Connect, it may be distributed through BDL (Brewers Distributor Limited). InBev and Molson-Coors beers are distributed in Alberta through this system. This would include Labatt, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Keystone, Molson and Coors among many others.

Most liquor stores will order you in a case, usually 12 bottles but many things do come in a 6 pack, if it is available in Alberta. You can try contacting an agent if you want to bring something new into the province.


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