Potential Contagious Illness in Calgary

November 27, 2014 § 1 Comment

A patient in Calgary has been transported to the new South Health Campus because he or she has contracted a contagious illness. Because this ginormous hospital is the one of four that is able to handle Ebola in Alberta, people seem to think that this could be Ebola. This Metro News article is not helping. And then there is this one by the Sun. Can we stop using Ebola in the title as click-bait?

I saw that this story made the Toronto Star as well.

There are dozens of security protocols they are following at the airports. My roommate has said that her friend (an official source, obviously) was made to walk through “Ebola Radar” upon returning from her vacation. I shit you not. Is this a real thing?

Apparently: Is it worth screening for Ebola at Airports?

A doctor was not showing any symptoms when he was screened but yet developed the disease about 5 days later. He visited an Ebola affected country.

But you shouldn’t be. Even if this is Ebola, you will not get it. Unless you are working closely with the patient. I’m so sorry in that case. Most Canadians are not going to be exchanging bodily fluids with anyone infected with Ebola, so we’re safe.

Update at 10:30am from Alberta Health Services.


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  • shunosaurus says:

    Very scary for a potential case. Ebola does spread a lot easier though. It can spread through sweat, shaking hands, blood spilled out during the vomito negro stage of the virus’ life, and tears from the patient. If you want to know a little more on Ebola, read the Hot Zone. I read this book back in 2010 and I thought it was very interesting. Trust me, I am not one of the people of the streets that thinks he knows that Ebola is, I have known it for a long time (5 years) before this outbreak. Very cool information though. Hope to see more!


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