Mandatory Prepay at the Pumps

June 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

Capitalism. Please.

Why are we going to waste time and money creating legislation for a mandatory prepay at the pumps?

If a business wants to succeed, they prevent shoplifting as best that they can. Apparently, some gas stations are concerned about implementing a mandatory prepay and the customers that they would then lose. An analysis may reveal it is better to have the thieves take their “business” elsewhere than to not accept post payment.

The employees at stations should be trained to not follow shoplifters. That is retail 101. It is illegal for the cost of to come out of your pocket and your life is at risk!

Unfortunately, these criminals did not value a life but we should not waste tax money on implementing an unnecessary law.


Alberta NDP Majority

May 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

Holy crap am I tired of hearing about this.

Alberta voted in a NDP majority and then the majority complained. What?! I am so annoyed with everyone complaining about our newfound communism. Like shut up and actually move to Saskatchewan. No one has died and some slow progression could be good for Alberta.

Rich people will live without their second Porsche. NDP MLA’s are fully going to be making more than $125 000 and they’re okay with helping out with social programs.

This is probably a prime example of why the first past the post voting (FPTP) system is not ideal. The optimal democracy should have equal representation for all citizens. Here is a great infographic about the Australian voting system. Something like this would be optimal in the province of Alberta and Canada. The NDP is wanting to change the FPTP system.

And what is up with people witch hunting a MLA? Its unfortunate that no one bothered to research her or bring to light these issues before the election. All job seekers should censor their online presence. It is unnecessary to have drunken photos on Facebook or a cuss word filled Twitter account and it could improve your chances of getting a job. But it doesn’t change the fact that she was voted in and deserves a chance to represent those Calgarians. There is going to be a bunch of newbies in politics anyways, she will probably do a good job. Young people have opinions too and are the future of this province.

Finding Your Favorite Wine or Spirit

December 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Finding a special, limited edition or rare spirit can be time consuming. No one has time to phone or visit every liquor store in the city. And are you sure it is even available in Alberta? Check out This website is run by the AGLC (Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission).

Here you can search for spirits, liqueurs and beer and confirm that they are available in the province. You can also type in a city or postal code to see which stores have ordered the said product. Many stores will not currently be carrying the product on their shelves and this can be particularly frustrating, so it is a good idea to phone the smaller selection of liquor stores that came up during the search. I have heard conflicting reports about how long the website displays the orders for the product as search results, somewhere between 3 months and a year.

Sometimes a product is available and you will have to contact the wine agent in order to get a hold of the product. You will see the message: “Product is available in the province of Alberta. Click on the Agent link above to find contact information for this product and what stores it can be found in. Thank you.” This means you would likely have to order a whole case of the product or there are special circumstances surrounding the product. Mission Hill Family Estate’s Oculus is not available to put on retail shelves so an interested party must contact the agent.

If you are looking for a beer that does not show up on Liquor Connect, it may be distributed through BDL (Brewers Distributor Limited). InBev and Molson-Coors beers are distributed in Alberta through this system. This would include Labatt, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Keystone, Molson and Coors among many others.

Most liquor stores will order you in a case, usually 12 bottles but many things do come in a 6 pack, if it is available in Alberta. You can try contacting an agent if you want to bring something new into the province.

Stolen Car Causes 3-Car Crash

December 14, 2014 § 1 Comment

I first saw reports of a 3 car crash in SE Calgary a couple days ago. A victim is seriously injured and ASIRT (Alberta Serious Incident Response Team) is investigating.

A truck was stolen and then ran a red light. It collided with two other cars causing serious injuries. Both the male driver and female passenger tried to escape on foot. The male was caught, and as far as I know the woman still eludes police.

What happens when your car gets stolen and totaled and the perpetrators run? I don’t have theft insurance on my car but I have decided I probably should after this incident.

Potential Contagious Illness in Calgary

November 27, 2014 § 1 Comment

A patient in Calgary has been transported to the new South Health Campus because he or she has contracted a contagious illness. Because this ginormous hospital is the one of four that is able to handle Ebola in Alberta, people seem to think that this could be Ebola. This Metro News article is not helping. And then there is this one by the Sun. Can we stop using Ebola in the title as click-bait?

I saw that this story made the Toronto Star as well.

There are dozens of security protocols they are following at the airports. My roommate has said that her friend (an official source, obviously) was made to walk through “Ebola Radar” upon returning from her vacation. I shit you not. Is this a real thing?

Apparently: Is it worth screening for Ebola at Airports?

A doctor was not showing any symptoms when he was screened but yet developed the disease about 5 days later. He visited an Ebola affected country.

But you shouldn’t be. Even if this is Ebola, you will not get it. Unless you are working closely with the patient. I’m so sorry in that case. Most Canadians are not going to be exchanging bodily fluids with anyone infected with Ebola, so we’re safe.

Update at 10:30am from Alberta Health Services.

Lost iPhone, bank cards and keys

November 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Found iPhone at 69th station in Calgary, and if anyone has lost it or knows anyone who lost one today, Nov 25, 2014, please PM this guy the model, colour, background, and anything else and I’ll tell you where it is. This is because I do not want to give it to the wrong person.

Western bank card with no name printed ending in 74, Tangerine bank card ending in 59Contact this poster.

There were a set of keys found 4 days ago: Found set of Ford car keys on 17th Ave & 1st St SE. If you or anyone you know lost their keys, PM this dude a description and let’s get these keys back to their rightful owner!